Karen Corbett

Karen Corbett


EFT Practitioner Profile: Karen Corbett

Former Vice President and Secretary of EFTAP (EFT Australasian Practitioners)

‘From Surviving to Thriving’

For over 30 years I have worked with survivors of trauma in various capacities. Initially I was invited to speak at schools and deliver workshops to community groups on resilience as a result of my writings about women, children and trauma. This led to teaching journal-writing courses to sole parents who were struggling with the effects of physical and sexual abuse.

As a result of this work I began a PhD in trauma studies. During my research I discovered the new trauma therapies that really work. After experiencing the profound relief that these therapies bring, I left my PhD in order to train in the new therapies.  The first was EFT which is astonishingly effective. After qualifying in five types of EFT, Master Practitioner with the GoE, specialist EFT for Trauma, Clinical EFT, AccessEFT and Matrix ReImprinting, I began a private practice working with people who had experienced all kinds of trauma.

Several years later I found and trained in the complimentary therapies of Havening and TRTP (The Richards Trauma Process – specialist trauma hypnotherapy) have been developed from the latest neuroscience and research into trauma. Together with EFT they completely transform the landscape of healing.

While not all therapies suit all people, I have now qualified in 3 of the most effective therapies for trauma: TRTP, Havening and EFT.

One of the most important developments in trauma therapy has been the discovery that trauma lodges in the body, not the event.

Many of the most effective new trauma therapies have their origins in the disciplines of theatre and dance.  Moreover, the power of creativity has been
acknowlegded as a vital part of any recovery from trauma. Karen’s previous careers as a theatre-maker and educator in the Arts have prepared her well for working with trauma.

If you are having a rough time please know that PTSD and most distress can be effectively treated. Feel free to ring me if you want explore ways to get real relief.

Creative Life

Karen has a long and distinguished career as an educator, writer, theatre director, dramaturge and performer.

In 1997 Karen founded the first Australian undergraduate course in Script Writing for Theatre at the School of Creative Arts, Victorian Collegge of the Arts and later at the University of Melbourne,  where she lectured in Creative Writing for ten years. Karen also delivered the first course in Theatre Directing at the Coucil of Adult Education. Among other positions, Karen has held the Chair of the National Stage Committee of the Australian Writers Guild and been appointed to various theatre committees. She has been a competition judge for the AWG and Crash Test Drama. Karen has delivered conference papers on playwriting in Dublin, Chicago and Athens and was the Keynote Speaker at Swinburne University's Creative Writing Symposium.

Karen’s first play ‘To the Outside World’ was first produced at La Mama in 1991 and then invited to Anthill later that year where it was reviewed as:
World class . . . can’t speak highly enough (of the work)” by Lyn Redgrave on ABC Radio National. Since then Karen has written, performed and directed many shows, some of which have toured Australia and internationally, including ‘Viva la Vida, Frida Kahlo’ also ‘Orphanage of the Animals’ which was awarded the Medal of Ulm in Germany.

She has written on commission and created site-specific works for the Melbourne Zoo, Shire of Melton, the Materials Recovery Facility, Banyule City Council and Bloomsday (Melbourne).

Please contact me, I’d love to hear from you.

Phone: 61425 787 676

Skype:karen corbett



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